Eller van Buuren (1981) started playing the guitar when he was 8 years old. He grew up in a little town near Leiden in Holland. He went to high school at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden (pre-university school).

In 2001 Eller studied at the Rockacademy (Tilburg, NL). Graduating in 2005 he won a national prize for ‘Best Thesis’.

Eller plays different styles of music, from heavy rock to blues and sometimes even jazz. He is a singer and songwriter of music across all spectrums from Pop to Rock and EDM (electronic dance music).

Between 2008 and 2012 and in addition to his music career, Eller was also a professional photo model.

Eller has a keen passion to share his knowledge as a teacher. Since 2002 he has taught guitar across different levels of music in his own music school. Between 2008 and 2012 he also taught at the Herman Brood Academy. Then, in 2012, Eller was made Professor in Music at Haarlem’s Music Academy.

Eller has played with many artists and released different tracks in different genres of music worldwide.

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Some examples of his work include:

2016 he has released his EP “Brand New”. Click here to hear it

2014-2015 he has toured the world with Armin Only Intense

2013 he releases the album “Eller van Buuren presents ADM”, on which he honours his brother’s (Armin van Buuren) music. Click here for more. Listen here. 

2012 he released the album “GUTAFO” under the artist name “Eller&Yvo”. Click here to listen on Spotify, or here to listen at Apple Music

2011 he released the Rock EP “On Air” by N_EV/ER L”AND[-D. Click here to listen on Spotify, or here to listen at Apple Music

2009 he has toured the world with Armin Only Mirage.

2008 he has toured the world with Armin Only Imagine.

2006 he released the album “Done With The Pain” by Bagga Bownz. Click here to listen on Spotify or here to listen at Apple Music

2005-2013 he has released multiple EDM tracks. Among them are tracks with his brother Armin. Click here to hear a few on Spotify

Eller likes to create music, but not only in the studio. He finds most of his joy on stage. He has travelled the whole world touring with his brother (Armin Only shows) as well as his own solo shows. He plays with bands and other projects.

Eller has developed from guitarist to singer and songwriter and producer. He is able to write and record music on demand in his own studio (Amsterdam, NL). Currently he is writing for his third solo album.

To date Eller is still active as a teacher and has about 50 guitar students who attend his own music school. He is also still a teacher at the conservatory of Haarlem called The Music Academy.

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